Dental Treatments

Guarantee your healthy smile with regular dental treatments at Sabine Barford’s Dental Surgery. Your oral health is incredibly valuable and preventative care is easier than finding a cure. To ensure your teeth and gums stay healthy well into the future, we offer a range of general dentistry treatments that will repair and protect your teeth from daily wear.

Sabine Barford Dental Surgery Northern Beaches

Dental Treatments available at Sabine Barford Dental

- Preventative treatment for adults and children
- Examination of teeth, screening of mouth and face
- Cleaning teeth
- Periodontal treatment (healthy gums)
- Dietary advice and oral hygiene instructions
- Tooth coloured fillings
- Root canal treatment
- Tooth and implant supported crown and bridgework
- Removable dentures
- Smile makeover with composite resin
- Teeth whitening
- Sleep apnoea appliances
- Occlusal splints for teeth grinding/clenching
- Sport mouth guards
- Botulinum products and dermal fillers to enhance the smile, gummy smile and bruxism

As one of only a small number of fully accredited surgeries we follow strict infection control standards for both your and our safety. Only materials of the highest quality are used. Our dental laboratories, that we use for fixed and removable prosthesis, are all located on the Northern Beaches. Our surgery has established great working relationships with a number of Dental Specialists, when referral of the patient is required. These treatments comprise of removal of wisdom teeth, implant placement and orthodontics.